Skull Nail Art Tutorial

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Skull Nail Art Tutorial
Skull nail art...An simple method in order to let your interior punk rocker out. This is basically your basic mind building, yet there's a plethora if different skull styles out there. I feel below is one is somewhat lovable & cartoon-y! I am organizing a tutorial quickly for the intricate sugar skulls you see through Dia De Los Muertos (the Mexican day of the dead) and a further more sinister lookin skull. Remain your eyes peeled for that!

The only polish you require is usually straightforward black and white! I utilized Konad White (I've work out of my usual white polish!) and beauty UK in Black.

Tips & Tricks

  • For the eyes use a large dotting tool or free hand it with a brush.
  • The head was a bit too big for a dotting tool so I did it freehand. It was a bit tricky, so just be patient and take it slow.
  • You can make it a Hello Kitty skull by making the head more oval shaped and adding a pink bow.
  • I used a thin brush for the lines on the mouth, but if you don't have one try a toothpick.

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